Monday, September 20, 2010

Beach Read

Working smaller and faster for my series of 12x12" and 12x16" paintings for ebay has been a great experience. I'm continuing to paint familiar themes of windowscapes, but every week I'm trying out new ideas. Last week it was a sleeping cat, and a flower arrangement. This week I'm going to attempt to paint a tornado! It's also inspired me to take more chances with my larger paintings for galleries. Watching my husband Neil paint his cow painting made me want to paint cows too! So I'm working on a large windowscape painting of cows on a beach. Neil and I will put both cow paintings in our Atlanta gallery, Mason Murer. I think they show 2 very different views of the beauty of the common cow. Tonight I'm offering a very familiar theme, a scene I think of as my Beach Read series. I think everyone can relate to the feeling of time slowing down at the beach, you can watch the water, feel the breeze and catch up on your reading, or re-visit a wonderful book that you can read again and again. This painting will be offered on ebay , click here to see auction.

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