Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art walk in Marietta

Crossroad  by Jeanie Tomanek

Last night Neil and I went to see an art show at DK gallery here in Marietta GA. I hadn't been to this gallery before and it is located in the Marietta Square, the center of the town of Marietta that has retained all it's southern charm. Our good friend Jeanie Tomaneck was one of the artists showing her work. Jeanie's paintings have an amazing essence. It's central figures are women that are beautifully painted and have all the strength and beauty that woman possess and also their fragility. Very symbolic work that has a dreamlike quality. If you live in town you should go.

I was also moved by these sculptures by Fred Allen. They are mechanical fish, and they are so mesmerizing. There is a great video on you tube.

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