Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mountain Sparrow

12x12 oil-gallerywrap hardboard

This is one of my favorite themes. The north georgia/north carolina mountains are so beautiful. There's a distant haze and in the morning the sky has an almost yellow cast. And a sparrow is so common and yet so endearing. This painting will be offered for auction on ebay, to bid on this painting click here.


  1. Karen, I saw your beautiful work at a gallery in Chatham, MA. I recognized it from posts that Karin Jurick had sent about a show you did together. Your work is so lovely and really conveys that feeling of peace that we all want.

  2. Thanks Christine for your wonderful comment. I would love to send out a message of peace and appreciation for our amazing world. If my work does that even a little, I'm so pleased.

  3. Karen, I also found you through Karin Jurick. I am so impressed with your interpretation of white and the tones and values within it. This piece is beautiful. I live in the NC mountains part-time and think you have captured the simple pleasures of the views there. Beautiful.