Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach Hat

12x12 oil on hardwood panel that is gallerywrap

I love painting straw hats, it's like weaving with paint. No precise lines or measurements. The oceans are like that too. Painting water is good for your soul. This painting is 12"x16", it's up for auction on ebay 
starting tonight. It's painted -oil/ on a gallery wrap hardwood surface.  To bid on this painting click here


  1. Your work is fabulous! I have always loved window images and yours evoke such timelessness. I can smell the warm salt air...

  2. Yea, Karen's here! Thought I felt that breath of fresh air! So glad to see you here in blogger to share your stunning work. :-D

  3. This is such a peaceful, beautiful painting. I feel good just looking at it.

  4. It is so nice to see your paintings. I am enjoying the smaller works and how you experiment with new subjects in the paintings. The light on the chair in the painting is just wonderful.